Name: Ingrid Sarah Bergman

Birthdate: 22nd December 1999

Birthplace: Newbury, Berkshire, UK

Haltey Class: G

Differentiation: Undifferentiated

Occupation: Student

Employer: University of Cambridge

The daughter of a cattle farmer and a baker, until the age of 4 she was taken care of by her paternal great-grandmother, a Saami witch who sealed Inga’s powers to hide her from the Thousand-Lives Man. After her Magic manifested at the age of 12, she was bullied by her former schoolmates until her brother Rozzie, a Telepath for the Paranormal Police, found out and obliged their parents to move Inga to a private school. There, she met her two best friends, Tottie and Hana. The three of them not only succeeded into being admitted at Cambridge University, but also in the same college—starting from the 2nd Year, they even plan to become housemates.

character: a down-to-earth girl, thrifty and eager to prove herself. She is still a little insecure and meek towards her mother, and her independence is still shaky. She doesn’t like conflicts and goes out of her way to help others, eventually to her own detriment. She’s slowly entering that dynamic phase of her life where she is actively working to become her best self. 

dreams: for a long time, she wished to follow her mother’s steps, until her eldest brother’s girlfriend recognised Inga’s knack for numbers, and she developed an interest in Finance.

Right now, she aims to become a Chartered Accountant. On a different level, she dreams that her parents would accept that she is her own person and would support her instead of holding her back.

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